About Us

Thrives Media is a project that is physically located in the Pioneer Valley in MA growing out of over 7 years of pro bono work of TNR Global and is and unincorporated DBA in the state of Massachusetts, currently operating as a division of TNR Global .   While contributions are not  tax deductible as donations,  they maybe considered a business expense.  You should still contribute  since our efforts will directly benefit our community.  Our efforts?  Yes, through the project Earth Thrives we are taking the collective knowledge of the locally focused green and sustainable community and putting it in one place.  If you haven’t seen Earth Thrives or We Love Museums yet you should check them out!

Our some times staff members:

Kirsten Bonanza

a) loves being in the outdoors whether it is running, hiking, rock climbing or kayaking.
b) hugged her first tree (a redwood) age 2 1/2  in the Muir Woods.
c) only does that for which she has passion.
d) five minutes into a conversation already knows several people or organizations that you should talk to about what you are passionate about, as long at it deals with sustainability…
e) all of the above and a whole lot more.

Rich Roth – Publisher

Don’t worry we’ll have more on Rich here soon…

Sharon A. Roth – Co-publisher

me….     I wear a variety of hats: life partner, mother, grandmother, family member (family is first on my list!) — professor of education, lover of all things beautiful such as children, quilts, sunsets, and clouds — esoteric reader — enjoy all things Shaker — great cook — love to walk and be at the seashore and in the forests.  Looking for more?

Laurel Thorndike – Artist in residence

Laurel is our visual specialist as well as an accomplished painter.  See her work at LaurelThorndike.com

Is Thrives Media  socially responsible business?

Yes. Thrives Media   is actively building socially conscious practices into our business model.  The policies that are in place include but are not limited to using locally owned businesses as our providers, making environmentally friendly purchasing, et cetera.